Environmental protection/Water-based coating film-forming additives

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Function:This product is an excellent water-based film forming agent, which can effectively reduce the film forming temperature.

It is also suitable for applications where film formation is difficult (such as high glass transition temperature and low construction environment temperature). Especially suitable for all kinds of (methyl) acrylate, styrene, vinyl acetate as raw materials to synthesize a variety of emulsion, latex paint, adhesive and other water-based coating system.

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Product introduce:

Environmentally friendly film forming agent AH-12 is a strong solvent of various polymers such as vinyl acetate, acrylic acid, styryl-acrylic acid, small water solubility, lower than the volatilization rate of water, easy to be absorbed by latex particles, forming an excellent continuous film, thus giving the latex paint the best cohesion and color development, while having good storage stability.



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