Water-based viscosifying lotion

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Water-based chloroprene latex is a milky white liquid. Chloroprene latex is mixed with mortar and a series of additives such as accelerators. After mixing and curing, it forms a high-strength, high-adhesion solid body with excellent impermeability and Frost resistance, salt resistance, alkali resistance, weak acid resistance, anti-corrosion performance and repair and reinforcement performance.

Product information:
It is a high-solid-content emulsion made of modified rosin polyester and polymer surfactant as raw materials and emulsified through a special homogenization process. No organic solvents are used in the preparation process, and it is a green water-based tackifier. Due to the use of polymer emulsifier, it has significant thickening effect and wide compatibility, and can be used to thicken or thicken various types of water-based adhesives.

Product Features:
1. Excellent adhesion
2. Excellent flow characteristics
3. Low surface tension, no common additives required in the adhesive formula
4. Adopting a unique anionic surface system, the viscosity-increasing effect is significant
5. Can improve the initial tack, peel strength and holding power of the adhesive
6. The pH value has a wide applicable range and can be used under neutral or weakly alkaline conditions.
7. Fine particle size and good mechanical stability
8. Good compatibility, mainly designed for pressure-sensitive adhesives
9. Completely uses water as solvent, does not contain VOC, and is green and environmentally friendly.

Product Usage:
Mainly used in water-based thickening emulsions, it has good compatibility with a series of polymers, such as acrylic resin, natural rubber and white latex, giving finished products (water-based adhesives, labels, tapes, paper products, etc.) superior performance.



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