About Us

We are Ouhuang Engineering Materials (Hubei) Co., Ltd.Our company mainly produces and sells various water-based environmentally friendly resins (water-based resin powder, water-based rosin resin, water-based terpene tree, etc.), various water-based environmentally friendly latex (water-based thickened emulsion, water-based air-butyl latex, water-based butyl latex, etc.) , and various environmentally friendly additives (defoamer, thickener, antioxidant, dispersant).High-end product quality and sincere sales service are our tenets.We are willing to provide you with professional services in the areas we are familiar with and look forward to your consultation.

What we do

Our company is committed to production and sales of products the resin series, latex series, and additive series categories. 

The more Better product quality, excellent customer service, and competitive prices are the tenets of our business.

Good reviews from our customers are the basis for our survival. We also welcome you to join us and let us grow together.

Product Quality

Do not produce substandard products,
Do not accept substandard products,
Do not delivery substandard products.

Price and Customer service

For more better price, for best customer service.

What we stand for

Customer Centricity

Customers are very important. Only when you have customers will you follow them.

Trust & Integrity

Only by treating customers with integrity can you gain their trust.

Cost Conscious

All the business start by price. Controlling costs is the necessary job.