Ammonium chloride cas 12125-02-9

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Product Application
1. Ammonium chloride can be used as raw materials to manufacture dry batteries and accumulators, other salts, electroplating additives, and metal welding fluxes.
2. Used as dyeing auxiliaries, also used for tinning and galvanizing, Yi leather, candle making, adhesive, precision casting.
3. Used in medicine, battery, fabric printing and dyeing, detergent.

Packaging storage and transportation
1. Packing: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag
2. Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to moisture and humidity. Long-term storage does not deteriorate, if there is caking, crushing or dissolution does not affect the use effect.
3. Transportation: This product is non-toxic and harmless, non-flammable and explosive dangerous goods. It can be transported by car, sea or train. Less carload, vehicle is not limited, agent consignment.

Ammonium chloride is a crystal of white powder cargo particles, odorless and salty. Easy moisture absorption caking, soluble in water, glycerin and liquid ammonia, insoluble in acetone and ether.

Product parameter
Appearance: white powder or granular crystal
The mass fraction of NH and Cl is 299.5%
PH value (200g/L solution):4-5.8
Moisture 50.5
Mass fraction of heavy metals (Pb,mg/kg)s5 Mass fraction of sulfate (SO, mg/kg) s200
The mass fraction of iron (Fe,mg/kg) is <7


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