Emulsifier OP10 used in waterborne coatings additive paint

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OP-10 Introduction: Emulsifier op-10 is an octyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether containing 10 ethoxy groups, Pce (Po1yoxyethylene octylphenol ether), also known as Alkylphenol polyoxyethylene(10)ether, is often called OP-10.

Details:It has excellent wetting, cleaning, solubilization, emulsification, antistatic, corrosion inhibition and rust prevention, decontamination and antistatic ability, good hard water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can be mixed with all kinds of surfactants, easy to biodegrade, less irritating, thermal stability, alkali and electrolyte resistance, antistatic properties are better than general anionic surfactants. Widely used in chemical fiber, textile, plastic, paper, leather and daily chemicals and other industries.

Function and efficacy:

1. In the synthetic fiber industry as an oil monomer, showing emulsifying properties, emulsifier OP-10 antistatic properties, in the synthetic staple fiber blended yarn slurry as a softening agent. OP-10 can improve the smoothness and elasticity of the serous film, and the emulsion has a protective effect on the colloid.

2. Used as levelling agent for new low temperature dyeing process of wool. OP-10 is used as emulsifier in pesticide, medicine, rubber industry, and is one of the important components of metal water-based cleaning agent.

3. It can be used as emulsifier in pharmaceutical rubber industry, OP-10 can be used as emulsifier in construction industry, and as concrete dispersant in construction engineering.

4. With good emulsification, wetting, leveling, diffusion, cleaning and other properties; Resistant to acid, alkali and hard water, OP-10 can be mixed with various surfactants and dye preforms. 5. It is a cleaning agent monomer in civil washing and industrial washing, with excellent performance. OP-10 is also commonly used for metal cleaning, cleaning and degreasing of fur and leather, and cleaning agents before and after printing and dyeing.

6. It is also an emulsion stabilizer for styrene butadiene latex polymerization.

7. In potassium chloride galvanized brightener, as an emulsifier and brightener aid.

8. In emulsified mineral oil, as a hydrophilic emulsifier, the emulsion is stable and delicate.

9. Used as levelling agent and diffuser for printing and dyeing processing, degreasing agent for leather and wool, emulsifier for crude oil and fuel oil, acidifying penetrant for oil production, emulsifying agent for styrene butadiene latex, emulsion polymerization emulsifier, glass fiber textile lubricant and emulsifier, and emulsifying, washing, penetrating and wetting agent for cosmetics;



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