Flunarizine 2HCl Flunarizine hydrochloride Cas 30484-77-6 factory price

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Flunarizine hydrochloride is a calcium channel blocker. It can prevent cell damage caused by intracellular pathological calcium overload caused by ischemia and other reasons. Flunarizine Hydrochloride has:
Relieves vasospasm and has a long-lasting inhibitory effect on persistent vasospasm caused by vasoconstrictor substances, especially on the basilar artery and internal carotid artery. Its effect is 15 times stronger than that of cerebrospinal fluid;

Common Name Flunarizine 2HCl
CAS Number 30484-77-6
Molecular Weight 477.417
Density N/A Boiling Point 511.3ºC at 760 mmHg
Molecular Formula C26H28Cl2F2N2
Melting Point 204-210ºC
Flash Point 263ºC



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