Naphthalene based superplasticizer(SNF-A/PNS-A)

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Product parameters:

Appearance: brown powder

PH value :7-9

Sodium sulfate content ≤5%

Chloride ≤0.3%

Product introduction: Naphthalene based superplasticizer, chemical name tea sulfonate a awakening condensation, is a non-entrained by chemical synthesis of high efficiency superplasticizer. Widely used in roads, Bridges, DAMS, ports ,Wharf, tunnel, electric power, water conservancy and civil construction, steam and natural conservation of pre-system components.

Product usage:
1. When the concrete strength and slump are basically the same, the cement consumption can be reduced by 10%-25%
2. When the water-cement ratio is unchanged, the initial slump of concrete is increased by more than 10cm, and the water reduction rate can reach 15%-25%.
3. It has significant early strength and enhancement effect on concrete, and its strength increase range is 20%-60%.
4. Improve the workability of concrete and fully provide the physical and mechanical properties of concrete.
5. Good adaptability to all kinds of cement and good compatibility with other types of concrete admixtures
6. It is especially suitable for use in the following concrete projects: fluid concrete, chemical concrete, steamed concrete, impermeable concrete, waterproof concrete, natural curing precast Component concrete, reinforced and prestressed reinforced concrete, high strength ultra-high strength concrete.
7. Others: In the leather, textile, dye industry, it can also be used as a dispersant.

Packing, storage and transportation:
1. Packing: 25kg/bag, 650kg/bag
2. Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, pay attention to moisture. Long-term storage does not deteriorate, such as caking, crushing or dissolving under the influence of the use effect.
3. This product is non-toxic and harmless, it is a non-explosive dangerous goods, and can be transported by automobile, sea or train. Less carload, vehicle is not limited, agent consignment.”



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