Oxybutynin chloride Cas 1508-65-2 factory price

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The molecule of p-methylpropiophenone contains a polar carbonyl (C=O) bond and a non-polar benzene ring. The entire molecule is relatively polar, but also has a certain degree of non-polarity. Therefore, it can be soluble in non-polar solvents, such as petroleum ether, benzene, etc., and also soluble in polar solvents, such as ethanol, dimethylformamide, etc. The molecules of p-methylpropiophenone contain long alkyl chains and benzene rings, and there are certain van der Waals forces and hydrogen bonding forces between the molecules. These forces contribute to the relatively high melting and boiling points of p-methylphenylacetone. Purpose: p-Methylpropiophenone is a chemical reagent used in electrocarboxylation reactions.

Common Name Oxybutynin chloride
CAS Number 1508-65-2
Molecular Weight 393.947
Boiling Point 494.4ºC at 760 mmHg
Molecular Formula C22H32ClNO3
Melting Point 126-128ºC



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