Silicone water treatment defoamer for industrial circulating water, cement, chemical production

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Function: This product can be used to eliminate chemical cleaning, sewage treatment, industrial circulating water, cement, chemical production process and other industries

The process of water phase defoaming. Can also be used as a variety of chemical, printing and dyeing, water treatment, cleaning, daily chemical additives, mechanical processing AIDS

Antifoam components in solid powder auxiliaries.

Usage: 1. Concentration requirements of defoamer:

The amount of defoamer depends on the application; However, it is recommended that the organosilicon active matter of 2. The addition of defoamer: When used in the field, it can be directly sprinkled on the foam surface to defoamer, or it can be sprayed on the foam surface after hydration, or it can be directly and evenly mixed with other powder additives before use.

Apperance: White powder or white grain

Details: Defoamer, also known as anti-foam agent, will produce many harmful foams in the process of industrial production, and it is necessary to add defoamer. It is widely used to remove harmful foam produced in the production process of latex, textile sizing, food fermentation, biomedicine, pesticide, coating, petrochemical, paper making, industrial cleaning and other industries.

Classify: Defoamer is mostly liquid compound products, mainly divided into three categories: mineral oil, silicone, polyether. Mineral oil defoamer usually consists of carrier, active agent and so on. The carrier is a substance with low surface tension, its role is to carry and dilute, and the common carrier is water, fatty alcohol, etc. The role of active agents is to inhibit and eliminate foam, commonly used wax, aliphatic amide, fat and so on. Silicone defoamer generally includes polydimethylsiloxane and so on. Silicone defoamer has poor solubility, fast defoamer and good defoamer at room temperature, but delamination, slow defoamer and poor defoamer at high temperature. Polyether defoamer includes polyoxyethylene propylene oxide glycerol ether and so on. Polyether defoamer has the characteristics of long defoaming time, good effect, fast defoaming speed and good thermal stability.


Product introduction: Solid silicone defoamer is a kind of modified polydimethylsiloxane and other defoamer components refined

The powder type defoamer can be used to eliminate the foam of the water-containing system. Since this product is a powder-like product, its active component

It is dispersed into the foam suppression system by adding a solid carrier, so this product solves the general ordinary silicone emulsion type products

In some high electrolyte, strong acid, strong base, high shear and other systems, the emulsification state is easily destroyed, and the active substances gather quickly

And lead to the defects of natural effect. Therefore, this product has the advantages of fast defoaming speed, long defoaming time and low use cost. On the other

In addition, the product is convenient to use and can be directly added to solid powder products such as metal solid washing agent, washing powder, etc

Add agent to eliminate and suppress bubble source. Because the water content in this product is less, so this product is really convenient to store and transport, not easy to be affected by the environment and temperature

Degree influence, not easy to deteriorate and other advantages.



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