sodium lignosulphonate(MN-3)

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Product Parameters:

Appearance: Brown powder

PH value: 12-14

Solid content ≥93%

Lignin content ≥55%

Product Introduction: Sodium lignosulfonate is an anionic surfactant, which is the reaction product of wood pulp with sulfur dichloride solution and sulfite, and is the by-product of pulp production.

Product usage:

1. Can be used as concrete water reducing agent, suitable for culverts, DAMS, reservoirs, airports and highways and other projects.

2. Can be used for refractory materials, ceramic products dispersion, bonding, water reducing reinforcer, improve the yield of 70%-90%.

3. Tannery industrial water as tanning assistant. 4. Coal water slurry additive.

5. Wettable pesticide filler and emulsion dispersant, fertilizer granulation, feed granulation binder.

6. VAT dye, dispersant dye filler, dispersant, diluent of acid dye, etc.

7. Sand prevention and sand fixing agent.

8. Used for electroplating point solution, can make the coating uniform, countless patterns.

9. The boiler is used as a descaling agent and the reservoir stabilizer is circulated.

10. It can be used as water blocking agent for oil field, well wall consolidation and oil exploitation.

11. Can be used as beneficiation flotation machine and mineral powder smelting binder

12. Long-term slow release nitrogen fertilizer, efficient slow release compound fertilizer improvement additive.


Packaging, storage and Transportation

1. Packing: 25kg/pack

2. Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, pay attention to moisture-proof. Long-term storage does not deteriorate, if there is caking, crushing or dissolution does not affect the use effect.

3. Transportation: This product is non-toxic and harmless, non-flammable and explosive dangerous goods, and can be transported by automobile, sea and train. Less carload, vehicle is not limited, agent consignment.



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