Water-based dispersant disperser SN5040 Paint emulsion paint dispersant

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Appearance: light yellow liquid

Solid content :43%

PH value :7.5

Viscosity (mpa.s) : 450 (25°C, 60rpm

1700 (5″C, 60rpm)

Specific gravity :1.29(25°C)

Ionic: anion

Solubility: Easily soluble in water characteristics:

SN-5040 sodium polycarboxylate dispersant, low foamability and improved paint flow, Excellent properties for stabilizing slurry viscosity Appearance: light yellow liquid

Product features:

1.Excellent dispersion, a small amount of addition can adjust the low viscosity paint, slurry, paint stability is better, the viscosity of paint, slurry does not change.

2. Because it can disperse the pigment well, the paint has no floating color and color spots.

3.A small amount of addition can be used with the wettability of the coating, so it is not necessary to use with other wetting agents, and a good water resistance film can be obtained

4.Can get less bubbling, breaking fast coating, hand drying time is not long, can make easy coating coating. Application: Used for dispersion of clay and pigment, such as water-based coatings and water-based adhesives



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