Water based redispersible latex powder(水性可再分散乳胶粉)

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The redispersible latex powder product is water-soluble redispersible powder, which is divided into ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer, vinyl acetate/ethylene tert carbonate copolymer, acrylic acid copolymer, etc. The powder adhesive made after spray drying uses polyvinyl alcohol as protective colloid. This kind of powder can be quickly redispersed into lotion after contacting with water. Because redispersible latex powder has high adhesive ability and unique properties, such as water resistance, workability and heat insulation, their application range is extremely wide.

Appearance: White powder, freely flowing

Solid content (wt%): ≥ 98.0

Ash content (wt%): 10 ± 2%

Bulk density (g/L): 300-500

Particle size ≤ 4% greater than 400um

PH value: 6-8

Glass transition temperature Tg (DSC) ℃: indefinite

Minimum film-forming temperature (℃): 0-5 ℃


Product Application:

1.Adhesive mortar for external wall insulation system

2.Ceramic tile adhesive

3.Adhesive mortar for external wall insulation system

4.External wall insulation system plastering mortar

5.Ceramic tile pointing agent

6.Self flowing cement mortar

7.Flexible putty for interior and exterior walls

8.Flexible crack resistant mortar

9.Rubber powder polystyrene particle insulation mortar

10.Dry powder coating

11.Polymer mortar products with high requirements for flexibility



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