Water-based thickener thickening agent

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Appearance: Milky white liquid

Active ingredient :30%

Solvent: Water

PH value :3-4

Density: 1.06g /cm3(25°C)

Viscosity :30 mPa·s(25°C)

Ionic type: anion

Product introduction: Thickener is a rheological agent, which can not only thicken the paint, prevent the phenomenon of flow hanging in the construction, but also give the paint excellent mechanical properties and storage stability. It is a very important additive for water-based coatings with low viscosity. There are water-based and oily points. In particular, water-based thickeners are more commonly used. At present, there are many varieties of thickeners available on the market, mainly inorganic thickeners, cellulose, polyacrylates and associated polyurethane thickeners.


How to use:
The usage of this product is determined according to the customer’s formula design
The added amount was 0.2%~1.0% of the total formula. Client also
Can be based on production, storage, construction and film formation on the difference
Seek to use with other kinds of thickening agents to achieve the formula
Design rheological performance requirements,

Product use:

Can be used for interior and exterior wall latex paint. If the product is used for exterior wall milk
There is an anionic structure, so we remind the technicians to control it
The risk of paint blisters is very low.



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