Amonia gum(亚么尼亚胶)

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Amonia gum, also known as natural latex, natural rubber, Yamonia gum, Yamonia gum and white gum, has good film forming performance, high wet gel strength, good mechanical properties, low content of non rubber ingredients, high mechanical stability (generally not less than 550-600S), white color, and good foam stability.

The detailed composition of Amonia gum is the liquid that flows out during rubber tree cutting, which is milky white in color and has a solid content of 30% to 40%. The average rubber particle size is 1.06 microns

Fresh natural latex contains 27% to 41.3% rubber content (by mass), 44% to 70% water, 0.2% to 4.5% protein, 2% to 5% natural resin, 0.36% to 4.2% sugars, and 0.4% ash. To prevent natural latex from solidifying due to the action of microorganisms and enzymes, ammonia and other stabilizers are often added.

Amonia gum With good film forming performance, wet gel has high strength and good mechanical properties

Product Application:

Amania glue is widely used in latex foaming, shoe factory pull molding, handbag factory, luggage factory, etc.

Making sponge products

Natural latex is mainly used to make sponge products, extruded products, and impregnated products



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