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PU :Poly urethane / Polyurethane

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Low Price Poly urethane / polyurethane resin water-soluble polyurethane coatings PU :Poly urethane / Polyurethane

Used For : water-soluble polyurethane coatings for automobiles, which are mainly used in automobile primer, topcoat and refinishing paint processes.

Water-soluble polyurethane resin is an aliphatic polyurethane dispersion that uses water instead of organic solvent as the dispersion medium. Water-soluble polyurethane coating is a kind of coating formed by dispersing polyurethane resin in water with water as solvent. There is no or very little organic solvent in the system, which has the advantages of low odor, non-pollution of the environment, energy saving, easy construction, etc. Combining the advantages of polyurethane coating film such as strong adhesion, high hardness, good resistance to solvents, and abrasion and corrosion resistance with the low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of water-soluble polyurethane coating. It is more suitable for the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, and has been highly valued by people, becoming one of the most rapidly developing coating varieties in the world today.

Water-soluble polyurethane coatings have good adhesion to surfaces such as metal, wood, concrete and plastics, as well as good impact and abrasion resistance. Compared with other emulsion coatings, it has good low-temperature film-forming effect and does not need film-forming additives; it also does not need additional emulsifiers, dispersants or plasticizers, etc.; it is easy to be modified by curing agents and cross-linking agents to improve chemical resistance and solvent resistance, improve water solubility, provide high gloss coating film, and it has good adaptability to a variety of pigments, including metallic pigments, and other advantages.Wood paint also needs to have the following properties: environmental protection, sufficient hardness, abrasion resistance, gloss, adhesion, weather resistance, fullness, solvent resistance, etc..
Emulsion as the paint base material, the water-soluble acrylate dispersion and water-soluble polyurethane dispersion composite, through the complementary advantages of the two, the research of a new generation of water-soluble polyurethane – acrylic resin wood paint, referred to as PUA wood paint.

It has the advantages of both, can form wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, bright, soft and flexible paint film, and the film has strong water-soluble, strong mechanical properties and good weathering characteristics, so it is known as “the third generation of water-soluble polyurethane”.

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