Factory Water-based terpene resin

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Product Features

1. Using a unique surfactant, the initial tack, peel strength and holding power of the adhesive can be significantly improved after addition.
2. EIP emulsification process, narrow particle size distribution, small particle size; good mechanical stability.
3. It can be used in a wide pH value range and can be used under neutral or weakly alkaline conditions.
4. Low surface tension, small foam, uniform coating, and no “fish eye” phenomenon.
5. Good compatibility; it can significantly improve the cleanliness of rubber products and achieve the best balance point.
6. This series of products removes any volatile organic solvents and is an environmentally friendly product.
7. Completely uses water as solvent; easily dispersed in cold water, purifying VOC; environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Water-based terpene resin is made of high-quality turpentine.

It is emulsified and dispersed to form a stable and uniform water-based resin emulsion.

This product has excellent compatibility with EVA emulsion, styrene acrylic emulsion, polyurethane latex and other emulsions

And is widely evaluated in the production of water-based laminating adhesives, coatings, inks and various lotion-type adhesives.

Packed in plastic drums of various specifications from 25 to 200 liters. Customize available.



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