Sodium Gluconate best chemical admixtures

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Product introduce:Sodium gluconate is a corrosion and scale inhibitor of ordinary steel in simulated cooling water.
External properties:A white or off-white granular powder.

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Product introduce:

Common NameSodium Gluconate
CAS Number527-07-1Molecular Weight218.137
Density1.763g/cm3Boiling Point673.6ºC at 760 mmHg
Molecular FormulaC6H11NaO7Melting Point206 °C (dec.)(lit.)
MSDSChineseUSAFlash Point375.2ºC


1. Used as water reducing agent and retardant in the construction industry. Adding a certain amount of sodium sulfate to cement can increase the plasticity and strength of concrete, and has a blocking effect, that is, delaying the initial and final setting time of concrete.
2. Used as an efficient integrator in the textile printing and dyeing industry.
3. As a special cleaning agent for glass bottles: A professional cleaning agent for glass bottles with sodium gluconate as the main formula can improve the following common problems: weak detergency, easy to block the nozzle and pipeline of the bottle washing machine, and damage to the bottle. The stain removal ability of bottlenecks and rust is not ideal, and trace residues after washing are not ideal for food safety (such as phosphate residues). Discharge of washing water becomes a public hazard
(Cannot meet national standards).
4. Used as a steel surface cleaning agent: If the steel surface needs to be polished, chromium, tin, or nickel to suit special purposes, such as manufacturing tinplate, galvanized sheets, or surface plating with various
(electricity), etc., the surface of the steel billet needs to be strictly cleaned to ensure that the coating is firmly combined with the steel surface. At this time, adding sodium gluconate to the cleaning agent will achieve a very ideal effect.
5. Used as a water quality stabilizer: Since sodium gluconate has excellent corrosion inhibition effect, it is widely used as a water quality stabilizer. How can it be used as a circulating refrigeration system in petrochemical enterprises?
Output chemicals for water cooling systems, low-pressure boilers, internal combustion engine cooling water systems, etc.

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3.Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, and be careful to keep it away from moisture. It will not deteriorate after long-term storage. If there are lumps, it will not affect the use effect after being crushed or dissolved.

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