Water-based rosin resin

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Water-soluble rosin resin is a water-soluble rosin derivative, which has the advantages of being non-flammable, low-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

With the increasing awareness of human environmental protection, the demand for environmentally friendly products such as water-based inks and water-based coatings has also increased.

As an important raw material for such products, the research on water-soluble rosin resin has received more and more attention.

In addition to being widely used in water-based inks and water-based coatings.

water-soluble rosin resins are also widely used in adhesives, anti-rust agents and food additives, and have been well developed.

Water-soluble acrylic pimaric acid resin is used in the adhesive to make the adhesive have good water solubility and bonding properties.

A water-based adhesive with high initial adhesion, high bonding strength and short curing time was prepared by mixing the above resin with acrylic emulsion.

The double bonds in rosin are prone to isomerization reactions under the influence of heating,

organic acids or inorganic acids, forming a conjugated double bond structure and reaching a dynamic equilibrium.

The conjugated double bonds can react with dienophiles under certain conditions.

The body undergoes Diels-Alder addition reaction, the most common of which is with maleic anhydride,

acrylic acid and fumaric acid under certain conditions to generate rosin polybasic acids such as maleic rosin, acrylic rosin and fumaric rosin.

Such rosin polyacids can continue to undergo esterification or amidation reactions with polyols

, amines or alcohol amines to generate different types of water-soluble rosin resins



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