Alcohol-soluble polyamide resin from China Factory

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Light yellow granular or powdery transparent solid

Mainly used for manufacturing gravure, flexo plastic film printing inks, paper inks and overprint varnish.

It has good adhesion on polyethylene and other substrates, and is especially suitable for printing on plastic films such as polyethylene packaging films and metal foil composite laminated films.

Polyamide resin is formed by the polycondensation reaction of dimer acid and diamine.

This product has good alcohol solubility, good chemical stability, and good miscibility with nitrocellulose.

The produced ink has the characteristics of strong adhesion, water resistance, folding resistance, low freezing point, good solvent release and high gloss.

Mixed with pigment additives, the color will be bright and bright.


Mixing ratio: 40% resin, 60% solvent. (Ethanol: Isopropyl alcohol: n-butanol = 1:1)

Application: Polyamide resins 010 and 010A are both used to make flexographic printing inks, gravure printing inks and heat seal coatings.

010A has better performance at -2℃ Gel point, but 010 is at +2ºC



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