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First, it has strong adaptability, high adhesion to many substrates, excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance of the cured film, and the film shrinkage, high hardness, good wear resistance, and excellent electrical insulation properties;

Second, the environmental performance is good, but also does not contain organic solvents or volatile organic compounds content is low, will not cause air pollution, thus meeting the current requirements of environmental protection;

The third is true water-based, with water as a dispersion medium, low price, odorless, non-combustible, storage, transportation and use of the process of safety is also greatly improved;

The fourth is good operability, the construction and operation performance of water-based epoxy resin coating is good, the construction tools can be cleaned directly with water, can be cured in room temperature and humid environment, has a reasonable curing time, and ensures a high cross-linking density.

Waterborne epoxy resins can be divided into anionic resins and cationic resins.

Anionic resins are used for anode electrode position coatings, and cationic resins are used for cathode electrode position coatings.

The main feature of water-based epoxy resin is excellent anti-corrosion performance.

In addition to automotive coating, but also used in medical devices, electrical appliances and light industrial products and other fields.




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